Cerwin Vega, Another New Chapter

As you may or may not have heard, Cerwin Vega has changed ownership. We documented their original history last year in Cerwin Vega –From the Beginning, but now there is a new chapter to this popular speaker’s legacy. Gibson USA (yes, the guitar company) purchased both Cerwin Vega and KRK in 2012. They have made a number of changes. They have limited the production of the old equipment refining and improving the line.

Gibson started in 1974 in Nashville Tennessee building Les Paul guitars. The Gibson name is synonymous with electric guitars and the brand is a well-respected one in the industry. Now they have expanded by adding two speaker lines to their list of products.

How does that affect you? Gibson changed the entire parts program. We were a speaker service center, but as of July 2016 that has changed too. We will no longer repair CV or KRK speakers under warranty but we can still repair them for non-warranty.

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The good news is that these parts will again be available for purchase. Contact us for product information and pricing. We started a photo gallery of both the Cerwin Vega and KRK parts that are available but remember there are many more parts available than can be found in these galleries. If you need help, as always we are just an email or phone call away.

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