Homemade JBL 4333B Speakers

JBL-4333B-1Carsten in Denmark writes:

I wish to thank you for your guidance and help regarding my home speaker project.  Earlier this year I was in need for some help and guidance regarding a pair of JBL 2205B woofers I wanted to convert to a pair of 2231A woofers.  You and I had some correspondence regarding that, and it ended up with me buying some new JBL 2235H cone kits from your magnificent store.  The rebuilding of the units went great and didn’t give me any trouble at all. The most difficult part of the rebuilding was to put the dust caps correctly in place without spreading  glue all over the surface of the cone. I’m a bit of a perfectionist (says my wife) and I really like when things looks as it was intended so it was very important to me that this part was done correctly. I have attached a photo of my strictly homemade JBL 4333B speakers (with fronts in blue leather and backs in black leather) with the rebuild woofers so you can see the result of my efforts. Thanks to you my dream of making these speakers came through and they sound really awesome. I wish both you and your family and staff a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks again for your  great help. 

We are so happy we could help you make your dreams come true. Who knew we had that kind of power? We are happy to have helped facilitate and thank you for sharing your picture with us. We wish you a new year filled with health and happiness and great music!

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