How to Order DIY Recone Parts

You can order the entire Recone Kit or Individual Parts for almost all speakers.

If you send us the numbers on the magnet or frame of your speaker, we might know what DIY recone parts you need.

If we do not have a listing of your parts, we will need these measurements for each recone part.

Voice coil:  (how to measure)

  • inside diameter (ie 1.518, 2.018- use a caliper)
  • length of former
  • length of windings
  • layers : 2 layer single- or 4 layer single- or 4 layer dual
  • impedance


  • outside diameter
  • voice coil size
  • depth of cone (measure from throat to top of surround)
  • surround Type: cloth roll, accordion cloth edge, butyl rubber, paper, foam
  • body type (ribbed, smooth, polypropolene)


  • voice coil opening
  • outside diameter
  • height (if applicable)


  • outside diameter
  • material (fiber, felt, screen)

Most Recone kits come unassembled.  A kit consists of one voice coil,  one spider, (some models come with two spiders), one cone with attached surround, one dustcap, two tinsel leads, one gasket or gasket set if applicable plus centering shims and instructions. Additionally you might need: glueself mixing epoxy, or latex (cloth surrounds only if not already applied). Note: Some parts could require modification for your application.