Repair Form

Click here for printable version: Repair Form (pdf)

Ship repairs to: The Speaker Exchange 8217 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33604

Pack each component separately. Pack carefully so that neither the frame nor magnet touches the outside of the box. We suggest using double layers of cardboard with a cushion in between. Wrap the component in cardboard, then wrap in bubble wrap and then box. We strongly suggest you do not use shipping peanuts (as they shift and do not protect the speaker) or shredded paper as it discolors the speakers and makes a mess. Insurance is strongly recommended. Someone will contact you when we receive your package and give you a repair quote or replacement options. Factory warranty requests must include the bill of sale.


Name __________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________




Email ___________________________________________________________


Home Phone ______-______-_____________

Cell Phone   ______-______-______________

Work Phone ______-______-____________(ext) _____


________     _____________________________________________________

quantity                           Speaker brand and model

_______       ______________________________________________________

quantity                           Speaker brand and model

_______       ______________________________________________________

quantity                           Speaker brand and model

Repair Instructions _________________________________________________

(recone, refoam, relead, replace, test, etc)

Please Select Payment Option:

_____ Please send me Paypal Invoice

_____ Please call me for credit card info

_____ Please notify my of total and I will send bank or cashiers check

_____ Please charge my card for my repairs

Name on card ____________________________________________

Credit card number __________-__________-__________-________

exp date _______/_______

3 digit CVV # on back of card above signature strip __________

or 4 digits on front of Amex __________

My credit card billing address is different from my shipping address: