Tannoy Westminster 3839 Surround Conversion

westminster hard recone DSCN2483 1

We converted our Tannoy Westminster drivers from the original soft foam surround 7900 0039 recone kit to the 3839Hard cloth surround kit. This is the visual picture of the process.

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19 thoughts on “Tannoy Westminster 3839 Surround Conversion

  1. Nilson says:

    Bom dia, Cathy,
    Gostaria de saber se você tem reparos do cone e diaphagms para os alto falantes TANNOY monitor gold tipo LSU/HF/15/8. Por favor, informe os preços. Mande também fotos dos reparos.

  2. Joel Tatelman says:

    Hello Cathy,

    I’m wondering if you can recone a pair of Tannoy 3839 dual concentric drivers with the 3839Hard recone kit. Well, I’m sure you can! But. . .

    This would involve shipping the speakers (SGM-15B) in their cabinets (each: 27 x 19 x 18 inches, 80 lbs.) to you from the current owner near Philadelphia, PA and then have you ship them to me, the new owner, in Toronto, Canada M6P 4H3.

    I would, of course, be responsible for getting them shipped to you and for the cost of you shipping them up north to me, in addition to the cost of the recone, etc.

    Let me know what you think. Perhaps I can snag them before the eBay listing ends.

    In any case, thank you for your consideration.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Cathy, I recently picked up an Electro Voice 15w. It has the bronze colored cover over the motor, not the white one. The surround is beyond saving. I cannot find a cloth “M” surround specifically designated for this woofer. I also picked up an Altec Lansing 604c duplex. It fell over in the crate I had it in and the crossover sitting next to it ripped the cone. The rip is very repairable. Any tips, technics, materials? Can you point me in the right direction on a surround and repair? THANKS!

    • Cathy Satin says:

      Hi Mike,
      I’m not sure what surround you mean for the EV 15W. The originals were all paper so it was a paper surround integrated with the cone body. It was not two separate parts. If that is the speaker you mean, then we can recone using EVM15B parts which have an accordion edge. We have this kit in both genuine EV and aftermarket options. If you have a different type ofcone with an M roll then we might have a cone that will work. You could recone with the entire cone or separate the surround from the cone and use it. To be sure it would work, t would be helpful if I could see the speaker. Send a picture and show all sides of the speaker.
      As far as the Altec goes, I would like to see a picture of the rip. Please email me at sales@speakerex.com.

  4. Nilson V. Silveira says:

    Cathy, bom dia, gostaria de saber se você tem o cone para reposição do alto falante Tannoy 3833, kit original espuma macia e ou borracha. Em caso positivo qual seria o preço.

  5. Joel Tatelman says:

    I believe the 3839 HE recone kit remains available from Nick at Lockwood Audio in the UK.

    I recently (Nov. 2020) got that recone kit for the 3828 driver and am suspect that both drivers use the same recone kit.

    Anyway, it’s worth checking with Lockwood.

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