B&W Speaker Repairs


Bowers & Wilkins – We repair B&W speakers using the original manufacturer’s replacement parts

More popular models and parts listed, but many parts not listed can still be ordered as neededContact us for repair pricing.

Matrix // CDM SERIES //  Nautilus Series (list will expand daily so check back often)

We can repair or replace tweeters, diaphragms, bass units, binding posts, tweeter housings, tweeter grills, midrange grills, grill pegs, phase plugs, grommets, rings, plinths, bi-wires, crossovers plus more if parts are still available at B&W. Many parts for vintage models are NLA (no longer available).

11 thoughts on “B&W Speaker Repairs

  1. michael hasak says:

    Hi,i am interested in replacing b&w units,especially ;
    Matrix 805 midrange unit
    Htm 7 treble unit .
    Do you carry them,or should i send mine units too you,for repair?
    Thanks for reply.
    Michael Hasak

  2. Anders Rohde says:

    Hi. I had both tweeters for my CDM1SE reconditioned and the result is excellent. I can’t tell if they sound like new or better, since they’re 18 years old and the units must have underperformed for quite some time before I sent them across the Atlantic. Most importantly, though, the speakers now have about the same sonic characteristics as they used to, which was my main concern. Cheers guys 🙂

  3. Maciek Skupien says:

    One tweeter is broken (dans’) works in My MD602 were is problem?
    tweeter or electronic unit inside of box ?
    Could you tell Me in case I can replace it by Mi self.
    Thank you very much

    • Cathy Satin says:

      Do you mean DM602? Which series do you have? B&W repairs can be tricky. Completing repairs on your own will depend on your skill level, the version of the speaker and whether you are replacing the whole tweeter or just the diaphragm in the tweeter. It will be better if you email us at info@speakerex.com for more answers.

    • Cathy Satin says:

      If you are local, bring the speakers to us and we will do it for you. If not, and if we are discussing the woofers (and not the mid which has a drawbar holding it in place) then there is nothing other than screws keeping them in the cabinet. There could be a back gasket or seal that has formed a seal that is holding the woofers in place. If so, you can cover the tips of a needle nose plier and use them to grasp the ridge on the outside of the woofers to help you remove it. If that is not successful then go through the screw hole and try to gently pry the speaker out. If that doesn’t work then cover a flat head screw driver in cloth and use it to GENTLY pry the woofers up. It is easy to damage the cabinet so cover your tools with cloth and be very careful. I hope that helps.

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