Peerless K040-MRF Midrange Repair

K040 DSCN0090 1

This Peerless midrange was used by many manufacturers including JBL and Infinity. It is a great mid that is no longer available. Fortunately, the only real problem that generally occurs is caused by foam surround dry rot. You can restore your mid by sending to us for repair, or by using the RFK4.25 DIY refoam kit. This foam can only be applied with the roll facing up, not inverted as it was originally applied. The cone will slightly touch the foam roll itself, but this is not a worry with a mid like it would be with a woofer because a mid won’t excert the same and cause a problem.

Here is a spec sheet we found for the original midrange and some pictures of our recent repairs. You can click on any picture for greater detail.

By the way, the original mids have an inverted roll (foam roll down). When you repair, the foam will go roll up.

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