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Bo H in Norway needed to recone his SEAS speaker. We did not have a parts list for this particular model, so Bo measured his original recone parts and sent us the specification. We then sent him a list of parts options which he verified. We sent him the recone kit and he did a great job with his recone.  He sent me this message along with his pictures. Bo we are very proud of you. Thanks for sharing your results.

Hi Cathy!

I do not know if it still interests you, but as it was a No named speaker and the recon kit is ordered from the measurement, so I would just tell you how it’s gone.

I had an old SEAS bass speaker with an aluminum chassis, but the cone was so soft that the voicecoil scratches against the magnet, and the speaker could not be used for anything.
Now the speaker is Reconed with the set I bought from you. The Cone was 3 mm too high so the Spider is squeezed a little bit. But it plays very well, a bit like an old Jensen speaker, so it was a successful operation.  (editor note: a small bit of the cone throat can be trimmed or flared out so the cone does not push down the voice coil)
I am attaching 3 pictures of the speakers, since I am an amateur in speaker repair, I am still a little proud of the result.

Best Regards (med venlig hilsen) From Denmark


If Bo can do it, you can t0o. Contact us with your recone kit questions. 

BO-H-RECONE-1-SEAS-30KW-Old-Cone BO-H-RECONE-2-00112-Guitar-Speaker maynor-1-IMG_21001

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