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Electro Voice DVX3121 12″ Recone

Reconing the EV 12″ XLC Speaker with factory Electro Voice recone parts returns the speaker [...]


Do People Hear At Different Frequencies?

One Hertz (Hz) is one vibration per second. Higher Hertz values equate to higher pitched [...]


Beam sound

A transducer can be made to project a narrow beam of ultrasound that is powerful [...]

How a Speaker works detailed

The key working components of a loudspeaker are shown in the diagram below. When an [...]


Fraser Speaker Recone

Vintage Speaker Repairs our our Specialty.

Chart of Refoam Kits

View Chart of all Refoam Kits specs

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What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING” Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in [...]


Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently [...]

Polk SL1000, SL2000 Tweeter vs SL2500

The original Polk SL1000 tweeter had an aluminum faceplate. That tweeter is no longer available. [...]


How To DIY Recone with a Pre-Assembled Kit

Recone Instructions- Preassembled One piece kit Recone Instructions  PDF- printable version To Clean the speaker, use [...]

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How Long Will Your Speakers Last?

I saw an article in The Audiophiliac asking “How long should your hi-fi last“.  It says: [...]

How To Open Cone Throat for Larger Voice Coil

Use voice coil to outline the voice coil opening required on the cone. With a utility [...]

How Did JBL Get Its Name?

James Bullough Lansing, an obsessed and depressed genius, invented everything he could including his  name.  [...]

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Speaker Diaphragms: Aftermarket vs Genuine

How can you tell if you are purchasing a Genuine Factory or an Aftermarket Diaphragm” As [...]

Electro Voice XLC, DVX, DVN2065 Repair Results

Reconing Electro Voice 6″ DVN2065 with factory EV recone kits returns these speakers to exact [...]

How To Wire Your Speakers in Series

Series Wiring links your speakers together Positive terminal to Negative terminal and the resistances of all [...]

Gene’s Speaker Repair Words of Wisdom

Gene has been Reconing Speakers at the Speaker Exchange since 1987.  He is the PRO!!! [...]


Meyer Sound MS12 Recone

Meyer Sound MS12 Recone results using 8 ohm Aftermarket Recone parts.

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Ohm Model “F” Speaker Design

The Ohm model “F” speakers invented by Lincoln Walsh feature a single driver mounted vertically [...]