Piezoelectric speakers

Piezoelectric transducers, frequently used as beepers in watches etc., are often used as tweeters in cheap speaker systems. Computer speakers and portable radios are common examples. Piezos have several advantages over conventional loudspeakers when applied to such purposes:

  • EMINENCE-APT80Piezoelectric transducers have no voice-coil, therefore there is no electrical inductance to overcome; it is easy to couple high-frequency electrical energy into the piezoelectric transducer, especially under the low-power, non-critical applications in which they are usually employed.
  • Piezoelectric transducers are physically small yet powerful, leading to good dispersion, although the fidelity of such devices remains in question when it comes to critical listening.
  • Piezoelectric transducers are resistant to overloads that would normally burn out the voice coil of a conventional loudspeaker.
  • Because piezos comprise a capacitive load, they usually do not require an external cross-over network; they can simply be placed in parallel with the inductive woofer/midrange loudspeaker(s).
  • We stock a variety of different Piezoelectric components: the most popular square MP1005 tweeter, MP1165 Powerline square tweeter, MP1165HP higher power version, MP1016 2×5 horn,  MP1176 3×7 horn, MP1188 screw on driver, Piezo Bullet Driver and more not listed here or on our site. Plus like with any component, if we do not stock it, we can order it for you.

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