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Electro Voice DVX3121 12″ Recone

Reconing the EV 12″ XLC Speaker with factory Electro Voice recone parts returns the speaker [...]

Do People Hear At Different Frequencies?

One Hertz (Hz) is one vibration per second. Higher Hertz values equate to higher pitched [...]


Beam sound

A transducer can be made to project a narrow beam of ultrasound that is powerful [...]

How a Speaker works detailed

The key working components of a loudspeaker are shown in the diagram below. When an [...]


Speaker Repair “No No”: What Not To Do

When you recone a speaker you must set the spider and cone level. In our [...]

Fraser Speaker Recone

Vintage Speaker Repairs our our Specialty.

Chart of Refoam Kits

View Chart of all Refoam Kits specs

What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING” Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in [...]


Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently [...]

Polk SL1000, SL2000 Tweeter vs SL2500

The original Polk SL1000 tweeter had an aluminum faceplate. That tweeter is no longer available. [...]


How To DIY Recone with a Pre-Assembled Kit

Recone Instructions- Preassembled One piece kit Recone Instructions  PDF- printable version To Clean the speaker, use [...]


How Long Will Your Speakers Last?

I saw an article in The Audiophiliac asking “How long should your hi-fi last“.  It says: [...]

How To Open Cone Throat for Larger Voice Coil

Use voice coil to outline the voice coil opening required on the cone. With a utility [...]

How Did JBL Get Its Name?

James Bullough Lansing, an obsessed and depressed genius, invented everything he could including his  name.  [...]


Speaker Diaphragms: Aftermarket vs Genuine

How can you tell if you are purchasing a Genuine Factory or an Aftermarket Diaphragm” As [...]

Electro Voice XLC, DVX, DVN2065 Repair Results

Reconing Electro Voice 6″ DVN2065 with factory EV recone kits returns these speakers to exact [...]

How To Wire Your Speakers in Series

Series Wiring links your speakers together Positive terminal to Negative terminal and the resistances of all [...]

Gene’s Speaker Repair Words of Wisdom

Gene has been Reconing Speakers at the Speaker Exchange since 1987.  He is the PRO!!! [...]


Meyer Sound MS12 Recone

Meyer Sound MS12 Recone results using 8 ohm Aftermarket Recone parts.

Ohm Model “F” Speaker Design

The Ohm model “F” speakers invented by Lincoln Walsh feature a single driver mounted vertically [...]