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How To DIY Recone Using EV Fixture

Recone Instructions -EV Fixture PDF – printable instructions These instructions are particular to reconing with [...]


Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work

Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work, Understanding Key Data & Specs What’s really going on [...]

Gender Hearing Differences

In a study of 350 newborn baby girls and boys, Professor Jane Cassidy at Louisiana [...]

Speaker Repair “No No”: What Not To Do

When you recone a speaker you must set the spider and cone level. In our [...]

How To DIY Recone with Unassembled Parts

Recone Instructions – Unassembled Recone Kits PDF – print these instructions Watch Video Step-by-Step Instructions: How [...]

How To Find a Smaller Foam

The perfect refoam kit for your speaker’s measurements might not exist. Often you must adapt an [...]

Emerson 8″ Field Coil Speaker Repair

We have no problem with Vintage Field Coil Speaker Repairs! We match the new parts [...]


Cerwin-Vega Historical Perspective

Cerwin-Vega – From the Beginning In the last 50 years, Cerwin-Vega has grown from a [...]

What’s Old is New Again

JBL is getting ready to launch the new Everest DD66000. It is well named because [...]

How To Measure the Cone Depth

Measure the Cone Depth from the lowest part of the Throat where it attaches to [...]

JBL 2204 Recone Results

JBL 2204 Reconed with Genuine JBL C8R2204 Recone Kits for National Sound Company

Under Powering Can Cause Speaker Damage

Any speaker can be damaged with too much power. Low Power Can Damage all speakers, but especially High [...]


How To Understand Impedance

Speaker Impedance varies with frequency. You will often see Impedance measured in ohms using Ω (the Greek [...]

How to Open the Cone to a larger voice coil opening:

Lay cone face down on table top put top of voice coil onto voice coil [...]

Ohm F Speaker Repairs

  Ohm F speaker repairs fall into the Specialty Catagory. These repairs require quite alot more [...]


Don Lindich: Consumer Advice

Q: In preparing our living room for the new additions, I was moving some 1978 [...]


How to Attach Foam to Polypropolene Cone

It is more difficult to get adhesives to bond to a polypropolene cone than to a [...]

JBL Reverse Polarity

In the golden olden days of speakers, the issue of whether the first motion of [...]


Over the Tannoy

Tannoy Ltd, an English manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems, began in 1926 under the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company. [...]